About Us

The Short Story

The Sleep Shirt is a Canadian company that makes good looking nightwear that is comfortable to sleep in. Based in Vancouver, and designed in Canada and Sweden, The Sleep Shirt is best known for its traditional nightshirts and classic, contemporary nightwear that fills the gap between sexy, silky nightwear and traditional pyjama sets. Made from Japanese cotton and other high quality fabrics, The Sleep Shirt’s nightwear is made in Canada and guaranteed to last.

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The Long Story

The Sleep Shirt is a nightwear company that began with a simple nightshirt design. Based on a 19th century chemise found by Canadian Alexandra Suhner Isenberg at a vintage menswear stall in London’s Spitalfield’s market, The Sleep Shirt started with an oversized, unisex nightshirt, made from a crisp blue and white Oxford striped cotton, available in two lengths.

The first nightshirts were an instant hit, so Alexandra decided to expand the range. She loved sleeping in a nightshirt, but realized that a few more colour options, and maybe a great pair of lounge pants or a simple, easy nightie would also be nice to offer. A couple of customers asked for a lighter weight fabric, and Alexandra’s mom loves linen, so they added those, too. Now The Sleep Shirt is capsule collection of really comfortable, good looking sleepwear that you can sleep, lounge, or even go out in (the nightshirts don’t mind being worn with jeans as well as under the sheets.)

The Sleep Shirt works with Canadian manufacturers (which makes Alexandra’s job easier because the team can turn up and bug them when production deadlines loom) and most of the cottons are from Japan. While the company is based out of British Columbia and run by Canadians, Alexandra works from Sweden, where her husband and children live. With team members also in London and New York, The Sleep Shirt is an international company.

Tested by early risers and night owls, The Sleep Shirt brings comfort back to the bedroom. Whether at a chalet in the mountains, a hut on the beach, the most glamourous of hotels, or a little apartment building, The Sleep Shirt makes sleeping better. The Sleep Shirt is about quality, simple goods, produced in Canada and made with care. We hope you sleep well.