Our Products

We are filling a gap in the luxury sleepwear market, which tends to be saturated with silky, sexy nightwear, traditional pyjamas, or fashion pieces that aren’t practical for everyday life. The Sleep Shirt’s sleepwear is about luxurious, everyday styles that are long-lasting, comfortable, chic, and easy to wear.

Our machine washable products last up to 1000 wears, and are made for real life situations – we make sleepwear that you can wear over breakfast with your in-laws, that you aren’t shy to be seen in when you’ve got house guests, and that you can wear while answering the door to room service.

We are best known for our nightshirts, notably the best selling Short Sleep Shirt and Long Sleep Shirt, as well as for our nighties, but we have quite a few pyjama sets that also tend to sell out very quickly.

Wash it, wear it, be comfortable. The Sleep Shirt fits in with everyday life.