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Ethically Made Sleepwear

It’s important to us that we sell ethically made clothing, which is why all of our manufacturing is done in Canada, by people employed under safe working conditions and paid above minimum wage. We visit our factories on a regular basis, both to inspect the premises and also to meet with our team. The Sleep Shirt is an ethical clothing company, focused on ensuring our supply chain, materials, and packaging are as sustainable as possible. Our sleepwear is made to last, ensuring a long lifecycle for the majority of our products and reducing the need to replace them regularly.

We choose to work exclusively with natural materials for many reason – but especially for comfort, quality, and environmental reasons. We believe that sleepwear should be made from natural fibres, due to their many qualities including breathability, absorbency, and durability.

Sustainable Clothing, Made from Natural Materials

When our sleepwear reaches the end of its life cycle (after at least a few hundred wears, and up to 1000), we want our products to biodegrade naturally. We are concerned about the environmental impact of synthetic fabrics, especially as many release microparticles when they are washed in domestic washing machines. For this reason, we are dedicated to ensuring all of our clothing is primarily made from cotton, linen, or cashmere.

Our cottons range from lightweight voiles to classic shirtings with dobby, twill, or Oxford weaves. During warm weather months we offer delicate, semi sheer voiles woven in Italy, lightweight polished shirtings, and breathable patterned cottons and blends. In fall and winter our cotton selection features flannels, brushed cottons, and medium weight materials suitable for colder environments.

The Sleep Shirt is well-known for our linen sleepwear, which features prominently in all of our collections. Available in solids, stripes, and blended with cotton, our linen pieces are sold as sleepwear, resortwear, and beachwear. Sourced from Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, and China, our fabric selection is high quality, durable, and stylish.

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