Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new here, and don’t know much about your brand. What should I buy?

Here at The Sleep Shirt, we are best known for our nightshirts and so that is always our first recommendation. Our classic nightshirts, the Short Sleep Shirt and the Long Sleep Shirt are always our best selling items and they are the ones that people tend to try first.

That said, if you aren’t a nightshirt type of person, then the other two items we’ve sold like crazy over the past few years are the Lounge Pant and the Sleeveless Nightie. We’ve not tried to reinvent the wheel with the Lounge Pant, we’ve just made a really classic pyjama pant in a super nice cotton, which is actually something that is quite hard to find. The elastic waist back makes this comfortable and nice to sleep in, and the drawstring makes it a bit adjustable. Our Sleeveless Nightie is a one size flared night dress with a gathered neckline and drawstring detail at the back which allows for lots of adjusting.

I can’t decide between the Short Sleep Shirt and the Long Sleep Shirt. What do you suggest?

This is the dilemma a lot of our customers face, so we will try and help you out a bit. First of all, consider your height. The model in the photos is 5’10” or 5’11” so the Short Sleep Shirt looks pretty short on her, but most of us aren’t blessed with those heights, so on an average height person (let’s say 5’6”) the Short Sleep Shirt will fall just above the knee. Its perfect for sleeping in and hanging around the house, but if you are like Alexandra and you’re chasing kids around and staying in her husband’s family’s country house with the in-laws, you may want to go for the Long Sleep Shirt. It falls below the knee and offers a bit more coverage.

The Long Sleep Shirt is also better for winter if you live somewhere cold (and your heating isn’t on super high.) Megan wears the Short Sleep Shirt in warmer months and the Long Sleep Shirt when it is really cold. If you’d like your nightshirt to be a little cheeky (we won’t say sexy since we’ll be the first to admit that our nightshirts aren’t the most sexy of sleepwear) then go for the Short Sleep Shirt. You’ll show a bit of leg but you will still be really comfortable.

How do you come up with your pricing?

Some people think our products are expensive and we understand that The Sleep Shirt isn’t a brand whose prices are necessarily accessible to everyone. Our sleepwear is all made in Canada where people are paid a fair wage, and as a result our products cost more than if we made them overseas. Most of our fabrics come from Japan or Europe, and that also contributes to our pricing because high quality fabrics from Japan and European countries do not come cheap. Lastly, we are a small company and our quantities are not very big, which means we can’t force factories to lower their prices for us. That does mean you end up having to pay a bit more, but on the bright side, it means that you won’t likely run into many people wearing the same nightshirt as you, and you can feel good about supporting fair labour practices.

It still seems expensive, are the products worth it?

Of course we are going to answer yes to this question, but we are also going to elaborate a bit. Our products and fabrics are very high quality, so the cost per wear is going to be quite low. Unlike a pretty dress or a crazy pair of high heels, our nightwear is a product you can wear every day. For example, the classic Short Sleep Shirt or Long Sleep Shirt in our Oxford Stripe is probably going to last you at least three years. Let’s say you wear it 300 days per year, that could mean 900 wears before the nightshirt starts to get old. If you paid $230 for a nightshirt, that means it is only costing 25 cents per wear!

We can’t guarantee that all of our nightwear is going to last 900 wears, but Alexandra has her original nightshirt from the first collection, and she wears it around 180 days a year. It is four years old so she is already at 720 wears and it is still in excellent shape. We suggest you consider cost per wear when you are looking at our price tags, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Why are your products made in Canada?

We are a Canadian company that was founded in Vancouver and it is important for us to support our local economy and use local businesses. It also helps that it is much easier for us to work with factories that are nearby and that we can visit regularly. We tend to like to drop in on them to make sure everything is going well.

Your items ship from Canada and your social media says you are also based in Sweden. Why?

The Sleep Shirt’s head office is technically based in Vancouver, Canada, and our studio is there. Alexandra, the company’s founder, lives in Sweden with her Swedish husband and their kids, but she travels regularly to Canada and the team also meet in London or New York for meetings. We are an international company but technically, we are Canadian.

Why does your fabric feel so stiff?

Most of our fabrics are durable, Japanese cottons and they take quite a lot of time to break in. It is really important that you don’t judge the fabric when you take it out of the box, as it will probably feel a bit crunchy. Once you’ve worn it a few times and washed it a few times, it will start to soften. We normally suggest at least 5 washes before you start to notice the fabric softening, but you also need to be patient, as sometimes it can take even longer than that. We know it seems crazy to wait that long for your nightshirt to feel really soft, but as we explained above, our products are long lasting and it takes a bit of time to break them in perfectly.

Do I have to wear the nightshirt collar and sleeves buttoned up?

Absolutely not! In fact, we suggest you unbutton the cuffs, roll up the sleeves a bit, and undo at least two of the front placket buttons. There is no right or wrong way to wear a nightshirt, just do what feels best, literally.

I find I am quite warm when I sleep. Will the nightshirts be too hot?

We had those who live in warmer climates or who sleep warmly in mind when we introduced styles without sleeves. Our Sleeveless Nightie and BabyDoll Nightie have both been very popular, partly for this reason. But we’ve also found that the linen can be surprisingly cool on a warm night due it’s lightweight and breathable nature, so it’s worth giving a linen nightshirt a try! You might be pleasantly surprised.

What are the most lightweight fabrics?

Both our linens and semi-sheer fabrics (like the Swiss Dots) are very lightweight. They not only make for great sleepwear when it’s warm, but offer a softer more gentle drape of the clothing. Check out our linen sleepwear and our lightweight cotton sleepwear.

Which fabrics are best if I am always cold?

The winter plaids and flannel sleepwear definitely add that extra bit of coziness that feels really great in the winter.

Do you sell men’s stuff?

Yes! We have a small selection of men’s products in our men’s shop. If you are disappointed in the selection, then we can fill you in on a little secret. Our Lounge Pant, Short Sleep Shirt, and Long Sleep Shirt are completely unisex and identical for men and women. So if you’re a guy (or you are shopping for a guy) and you like a fabric in the women’s store, then rest assured that the Lounge Pant, Short Sleep Shirt, and Long Sleep Shirt in any fabric will fit a man no problem. Consult the men’s store for details on the fit, and then shop away in the women’s section!

Where can I find your products in a store?

The Sleep Shirt is sold in retailers all around the world. You can check out our updated stockists list here.

Are you products good for pregnant women and nursing?

Many women find that some pieces in our nightwear collection can carry them through pregnancy and nursing. Our nightshirts are roomy and often fit during the beginning and middle of pregnancy, as well as post partum. The nightshirts’ placket opens low enough to allow some access for nursing. Our best items for breastfeeding mothers would be the Sleeveless Nightie, which has a drawstring neckline that can easily be opened up wide, or our Button Down Sleep Shirt and Placket Sleep Shirt, which can both be unbuttoned as far as needed.

What is your refund and exchange policy?

You can read all about our refund and exchange policy here.